Following is just a few of the types of cars we race –

Some of the cars are – Schumacher, X-Ray, Corally, Tamiya, 3Racing, Serpent.


Which class to run? Below is the motor type for each Class –

TC3 – 21.5 turn (was 540)  (beginners class) – 21.5 turn ROAR approved motor. Also a non-timing ESC (Blinky mode) that also appears on the ROAR approved list.

We used to use the below which was refered to as a “Silver Can”

TC2 – Stock 13.5 turn Brushless.
* Any commercially available approved 13.5t brushless motor, that’s on the approved lists
* Any commercially available approved ESC on the ROAR Racing/ORRCA Qld Stortsman ESC list.

Drivers with adjustable timing speed controls will need to have their adjustment tools (lap top/box) with them to prove they are running to zero timing, penalty for running advance will be disqualification from the event with no warnings given.

In simple terms you have to run a motor from the ROAR list and a ESC from the ROAR sportsman list set to zero timing. There is timing in the motors and that is allowed. So timing in the motor is fine but not in the ESC in 13.5.

All the lists are available for you to read on the

TC1 – Mod
–  Any brushed or brushless motor – 540 size.

– Either a Johnson 540, 21.5 or 17.5 brushless motor.

Gas – .12 or .15 motors under 1ph or any RTR.

Pro Gas
– .12 motors only open HP.

Apart from the car you will need to consider some of the following if you wish to race ELECTRIC

Batteries – good to have 3 or more (LIPO or NiMh), Charger, Radio gear, Body (4 door),
Tools (allen keys, screw drivers, wheel spanner,…), Tyre warmers, Lipo charge sack, Spare tyres (28 – 36 rubber) and Spare car parts.

Apart from the car you will need to consider some of the following if you wish to race.


Starter box, Radio gear, Body (4 door), Tyres (foam or rubber), Tyre warmers, Spare car parts, Fuel and Fuel bottle, Tools (spanners…) and of course a Pit crew.