UPDATE – Well after nearly 1 complete year of racing on the new surface and layout – it is holding up nicely. Racers have come to terms with the kerbing and how forgiving they are or aren’t depending on which part of the track you mount. Hit the kerb going onto the back straight and you will be catapulted end over end down the back straight until either you are caught by a marshall or come to rest on the grass.

December 2014 the track underwent a face lift. We put own a new top coat and a new layout. This included custom raised kerbing through out the track and limited use of piping. A multi layout track was marked and laid. The current members put a lot of work into the surface and it shows. Fewer bumps, Kerbing detailing and painted just like the real thing.


The end result from many members and a few ripped pants by the cement finisher we have the below –


Meakin  2015

Below is the OLD track which was updated in January 2015.

Our  current Track was completed mid March 2009 and our first race meeting was run on  28/03/2009. There are many options with this current layout being – to shortening it for 1/12 scale, Minis of F1 if needed, to using the whole back straight for the Gas cars to racing all these options in reverse. Only time will tell if this new design and layout will be as challenging if not more then our last design.


Our OLD track consisted of many aspects, From the technical slight off-camber hairpin (The Sweeper) after the back straight to the recent addition of the tear drop challenges both novice and seasoned racer. The chicane onto the back straight needs to be hit just right to take full advantage of all the speed your car has and to ensure the competition don’t fly pasted. There are many places to instigate that winning move or to push the racer in front of you to make that costly mistake. But don’t push too hard the track can be unforgiving.
PLEASE NOTE – Enclosed Footwear MUST be worn whilst on or around the track.