Yes well we are going to try something new this year. Instead of just one round we are going to turn it into a 4 round event.

To keep the authenticity of HOLDEN VS FORD tradition using 21.5 motors we will open these rounds to those that have a Holden or Ford body pre 1990 ONLY. So to participate you MUST be driving with one of these bodies.

Rounds will be as followed –

Round 1 September 20th – Saturday night
Round 2 October 18th – Saturday Night
Round 3 November 15th Saturday Night
Round 4 December 13th Saturday Night (Xmas Breakup Meeting)

We will be racing 1 Qualifier and 3 finals.

Qualifier will be fastest lap to determine the grid based on a 6 minute qualifying time frame open to all drivers.

Finals will be different to our usual format of 6 minute races instead it will be 20 Laps races. First and last final will be based on the qualifying with the second final reverse grid.

So get your bodies ordered and painted and lets have a blast.